Aurrenak, S. Coop.

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Aurrenak S. Coop, founded in 1974, is a company that is located in the city of Vitoria-Gasteiz and forms part of the Business Group Mondragón Corporation.

Since 2011 we have had a plant in Saltillo (Mexico) where we specialise in the maintenance, updating and modification of tools targeted at customers in the area.

Between Vitoria and Saltillo there are 155 people at Aurrenak and we form a young, dynamic, highly qualified and highly adaptive team. Aurrenak is a cooperative society in which more than 90% of the workers are themselves cooperative members.

Aurrenak’s business focuses on the design and manufacture of moulds and tooling for the mass production casting industry, both in iron and aluminium, specialising in pressure injection, low pressure, gravity and green sand casting technologies.

Our major customers are vehicle manufacturers or the suppliers of mass produced iron and aluminium parts for these manufacturers, such as the VW Group, General Motors, Nemak, Kolben-Schmidt, BMW, Fritz Winter, Honda, Nissan, Fagor Group, Tupy Group, Caterpillar, Volvo, Scania, Technocast and Teksid, among others.

What sets us apart is extensive training in engineering with more than 30 people. The tooling solutions and technology needed by each customer are studied and designed here, thanks to a mix of experience and calculations of mathematical simulations. In addition to which we not only on the product (tooling) but also on the development process in order to achieve a quality end piece. Our know-how is based on the casting itself and, for this same reason, we have all the facilities we need to test all the tooling before its delivery to the customer, i.e. our installations are equipped with an injection moulding machine, a low pressure machine, a gravity casting machine and sand coreblowers.

Thanks to the latest equipment for 3D design, CAM programming, high-speed and 5-axis machining, dimensional control installations and project management models, we are capable of offering manufacturing costs and, at the same time, levels of end quality that make Aurrenak globally competitive.

The products for which Aurrenak tooling are primarily directed are engine blocks and cylinder heads, both for automobiles as well as commercial vehicles, employing technologies for iron, aluminium gravity and low pressure casting. Similarly, with high pressure aluminium technology (injection) we focus on engine blocks and different clutch and mechanism housings, cylinder head covers and engine blocks for cars and motorcycles.

Aurrenak is strategically located in the city of Vitoria, a 45 minute drive from Bilbao international airport and Bilbao sea port, one of the most important logistic centres on the Atlantic route to access the international market.

The high concentration of industry in the area allows us to have a wide range of local suppliers that provide us with punctual services and the materials we need.


Along with LORAMENDI, S.Coop., world leader in the supply of casting equipment for core making and moulding, we have formed the Agrupación de Fundición y Utillaje, S. Coop (Casting and Tooling Association Cooperative).

In recent years export figures, both for Loramendi and Aurrenak, have exceeded 90% of our sales, directed at countries such as Germany, China, India, Sweden, Poland, Czech Republic, Mexico, Brazil and South Africa, among others.

Today Loramendi and Aurrenak share business and engineering resources and can present joint bids to offer their customers a complete solution that covers the machinery and tooling to achieve an extremely high quality end product. For this reason they share offices in order to deal with customers’ commercial and after sales needs in Detroit (USA), Saltillo (Mexico), Reims (France), Dusseldorf (Germany), Beijing (China), Pune (India) and Cape Town (South Africa).

Mondragón Corporation

Aurrenak, S. Coop. forms part of the Mondragon Group, a business group comprising of independent, self-governed cooperatives with production subsidiaries and corporate offices in 41 countries and sales in over 150.

Mondragón has a commercial and productive presence on five continents in the industrial, financial, distribution and knowledge sectors.

It is the foremost business group in the Basque Country and ranked tenth among the major Spanish companies, with more than 289 companies, 80,000 employees and an annual turnover of over 14,000 million Euros.

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