Samples / Tests / Prototypes

At Aurrenak we have a test centre that allows us to produce prototypes and sets of samples of cast pieces in the three technologies that we use: INJECTION, IRON and GRAVITY OR LOW PRESSURE ALUMINIUM.

Our customers are normally present at the tests and can see the results of the first samples within hours. Later we conducted exhaustive inspections of the cast piece to validate the result of the tests.

Cast piece inspection


We have a WOTAN 2000t aluminium injection machine and a 2800t Müller-Weingarten aluminium injection machine at one of our corporation’s technological centres, allowing us to conduct tests and produce samples and prototypes using injection moulds.


At Aurrenak we have a LORAMENDI SLCA-40L/CF machine for blowing sand cores.

We use this machine to test the core boxes we manufacture, prior to final delivery to the customer. In this way we ensure that our manufacturing process has been optimal and that the customer will be able to manufacture cores STRAIGHTAWAY.

We also use our machine to create cores that are used for casting samples in different technologies at Aurrenak: iron, low pressure aluminium, gravity cast aluminium.

We can use any type of corebox or core making process: cold box process, hot box with wet mix, hot box shell moulding and inorganic processes.

The method of heating the coreboxes for hot box or inorganic processes include: Gas, oil or electrical elements.


Our GIMATEC 800 W machine allows us to conduct tests and prototype using moulds for aluminium parts employing low pressure technology.


We also have a LORAMENDI shell mould test bench for testing aluminium gravity cast parts.


For cast iron samples and prototypes we used our LORAMENDI SLCA-40L/CF core blowing machine which allows us to conduct tests with cold and hot boxes and inorganic processes.

We use our machine to manufacture core packets and cast pieces at a local foundry.

This allows us to obtain pieces that can be dimensionally validated with our customers.